Prior to the arrival of the relocating individual/family to Turkey, in order to have a full understanding of their needs and requests, our designated customer relations manager at A & H Relocation Services should be contacted directly by the relocating individual/family via e-mail before the trip is planned. This first contact will give us an initial understanding of the needs and likes of our customer, and enable us to answer any first questions that may be on their mind. Meanwhile, the information gathered in this first contact will enable us to start preparing service solutions aligned with our customer's needs.
 On arrival
The relocating individual/family will be met at the airport and escorted to their temporary residence. In order to give them an immediate hands on feeling, they will be walked through their temporary residence, during which all necessary tips and information will be provided. A city tour will be planned on the pre-agreed date.
 Transportation & Storage
Door to door transportation and storage, as well as transportation of all items subject to import customs, including assistance with related legal/permit aspects will be available.
 Legal Services
The relocating individual/family and in house staff members (cook, maid etc...if any) will be assisted in obtaining and/or extending/canceling the following: work permit, residence permit, driving permit, temporary foreign resident license plate (blue plate). Assistance will also be available with customs import procedures and if needed, permit extension procedures (for items imported on a temporary basis), as well as family legal affairs.
• The relocating individual/family will be accompanied to a number of pre-arranged house visits with a real estate agent respective to the budget limits that will have been determined in advance. If no particular area of preference has been designated, multiple alternatives will be shown.
• Housing assistance will compromise the following ;
1. On site visit,
2. Contract signing,
3. Renovation, painting, plumbing, and all related housing issues,
4. Furnishing, accessories and equipment,
5. Additional security requirements,
6. Activating all utility services, including electricity, gas, water, phone, cable tv, ADSL and PC and networking.
A tour of the chosen residential area and its surroundings will be provided. This tour will enable a general orientation with the area at large, and make it possible to pin point some essential locations. Home - office - home driving orientation assistance will also be made available.
 In House Staff
The relocating individual/family will be assisted in finding in house staff for their needed area of work (such as a housekeeper, baby sitter, gardener, etc.).
 Intercultural Training
Turkish Social & Family, Business Culture.
The relocating individual/family will be assisted in housing, health and car insurance.
 Car Leasing, Rental or Purchasing
The relocating individual/family will be assisted in car leasing, rental or purchasing options.
The relocating individual/family will be assisted in; school selection, arranging interviews with schools of interest, the enrollment process (including to the school bus service) and summer school options.
The relocating individual/family will be provided assistance in opening bank accounts. Assistance for personal savings and automatic banking consultancy will be made available upon request.
Assistance in arranging personal parties, special days, birthdays, etc. will be made available upon request.
 Translation Services
Assistance in written or verbal translation services can be arranged upon request.
 Sports and Social Activities
Info for opportunities of preferred hobbies and sports as well as tips on cultural/social must dos(!) will be made available upon request.
 Language Courses
Info in choosing language courses and private lessons will be made available upon request.